2020 Implementation of ABRAZIV Kft.'s developments for modern production challenges
Application ID: GINOP-1.2.8-20-2020-00074

Classical technology development tender. What made it special was that the main judging criterion was the order number of the tenders submitted, i.e. the only chance of winning was the first could be submitted applications. Daneeka's job was not only to write the application flawlessly, but also to open the application interface as quickly as possible administration in the first seconds (!). It can be seen from the application serial number that this was completely successful. The applicant company has a unique steel structure manufactures and builds tower buildings, industrial halls, and feed mixing machine lines. For this, it was necessary to purchase a special lever lifter so that the the construction of feed factories should be uninterrupted, as well as for the purchase of a deburring cell, which removes the burred edges of raw metal workpieces and components softening after laser cutting.