2018 Improvement of supplier capacity at BALOG-METÁL Kft
Application ID: GINOP-1.3.3-16-2018-00044

It was one of the most complex tenders among Daneeka's works. Supplier status had to be verified with serious documentation, integrator audits and contracts’ ability to innovate at the applicant company. The reason for the investment is that the Integrator requested a drastic increase in the supplier volume from Balog-Metal Kft. About this a cooperation agreement was also concluded, in which the parties recorded the developments necessary to increase the volume of suppliers. As part of the tender, the company completed the installation of two CNC machining centers, abrasive machines, heat-retaining furnaces, a cooling system and an extraction system. With the implemented development, Balog-Metál Kft. joined international automotive supplier networks as an automotive supplier.