2014 Examination of VentilFlex composite pipe as a ventilation system with regard to relevant parameters
Application identifier: Horizon 2020 Version 1.2 SME instrument Phase 1

Our first application submitted for the R&D program above member states is in the framework of H2020. The goal of the applicant Kompozitor Kft. is to develop a new air duct system (material, production and installation technology) was developed, which is primarily suitable for building, renewing and modernizing the ventilation ducts of existing buildings, but new buildings and it can also be used economically for the construction of air ducts in halls. The development is based on a heat-resistant composite material that complies with fire protection technology, which successfully solves similar problems in the subsequent lining of chimneys. The development of the project meant several things of interest to us: we used English language to develop this study, which was positively received by the international program. Thanks to this, we were able to apply for several domestically funded tenders to win for our client.