From Hungary's accession to the EU to the present day

The presented details is of course not comprehensive, we tried to present an interesting project for each year.

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Grant received: HUF 254,518,531
Application identifier: Irinyiterv IT-2021-2022-00042

The tender was domestically funded and was available to companies that are able to produce at a high technological level, and whose products contain significant added value, and they also implement innovation during development. In this case, Daneeka's application writing activities do not only consist of describing the applicant's technology and investment plan exists, but also the planned prototype development must be accurately described for the participating organization. The application was criticized by the IFKA Iparfejlesztési Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. and deemed it suitable for support. As part of the project, in addition to the procurement of metalworking tools, prototype development is also carried out. The investment is still ongoing flow…

Grant received: HUF 788,511,729
Application identifier: GINOP PLUSZ-1.3.1-21-2021-00040

Our most serious work included the preparation and winning of the Hungarian Multi Program and its sister competition, the Green National Champion tenders. Although they are EU tenders, their submission required pre-qualification by IFKA Nonprofit Kft., for which we also wrote the materials. This in some cases, it approached 100 pages of content per application. With the awarded support, Polytechnik Kft. can build a new factory in Northern Hungary region, which significantly contributes to the industrial development of our country. The investment is still ongoing...

Grant received: HUF 71,835,754
Application ID: GINOP-1.2.8-20-2020-00074

Classical technology development tender. What made it special was that the main judging criterion was the order number of the tenders submitted, i.e. the only chance of winning was the first could be submitted applications. Daneeka's job was not only to write the application flawlessly, but also to open the application interface as quickly as possible administration in the first seconds (!). It can be seen from the application serial number that this was completely successful. The applicant company has a unique steel structure manufactures and builds tower buildings, industrial halls, and feed mixing machine lines. For this, it was necessary to purchase a special lever lifter so that the the construction of feed factories should be uninterrupted, as well as for the purchase of a deburring cell, which removes the burred edges of raw metal workpieces and components softening after laser cutting.

Awarded support: HUF 25,000,000
Tender identifier: Épító-3.2019.3-2019-00099

Here, the tenderer was ÉMI Építésügyi Quality Controlling Innovation Nonprofit Kft. The tender supported the technology development of construction industry and building material manufacturing companies. Pápateszéri Téglaipari Kft. during the implementation of the BUILDING-3 project is acquired a CATERPILLAR 930M type wheel loader, which was necessary for the preparatory activities for brick production. ÉMI provided support for this commissioned by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Grant received: HUF 106,027,812
Application ID: GINOP-1.3.3-16-2018-00044

It was one of the most complex tenders among Daneeka's works. Supplier status had to be verified with serious documentation, integrator audits and contracts’ ability to innovate at the applicant company. The reason for the investment is that the Integrator requested a drastic increase in the supplier volume from Balog-Metal Kft. About this a cooperation agreement was also concluded, in which the parties recorded the developments necessary to increase the volume of suppliers. As part of the tender, the company completed the installation of two CNC machining centers, abrasive machines, heat-retaining furnaces, a cooling system and an extraction system. With the implemented development, Balog-Metál Kft. joined international automotive supplier networks as an automotive supplier.

Awarded support: HUF 15,000,000
Application ID: GINOP-2.1.8-17-2017-00012

A classic innovation tender, where the applicant ÖkoTech-Home Kft. put the production of domestic waste water treatment systems on a new foundation. These are innovative in tenders, it is always important to accurately describe the technology to be developed in the tender so that it can receive the targeted support. The investment is a new type, the development of the production of waste water treatment equipment produced with so-called rotary technology, with which a better quality final product can be produced. In the framework of the project accordingly, the investment made possible the development of the production technology of a product related to environmental protection.

Received support in total: HUF 45,235,197
Application identifier: GINOP-1.2.3-8-3-4-16-2017-00035 and GINOP-4.1.1-8-4-4-16-2017- 00002

One of our most interesting projects! From a technical point of view, we solved the modernization of an office building and the addition of a floor using two tender sources. For the modernization of the existing lower level, an energy efficiency priority 4 tender, for the extension a technology development we used priority 1 tender support. During the preparation of the tender material, the energy certificate had to be prepared by modeling, and the costs had to be broken down during the implementation to be solved precisely in order to avoid accidental double financing. In the end, everything fell into place, and the applicant received the support in full.

Grant received: HUF 37,309,551
Application ID: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-01547

A classic example of a domestic R+D tender is the development of a small boat by Beocia Kft. Even a micro-enterprise with a few employees and lower sales can successfully apply for a prototype for development. The main profile of the company is the distribution of ships, shipping products and the production of small fiberglass boats. In the framework of the application, you are completely yourself developed by a new model with the fancy name Calistra is a multipurpose small boat with a low initial cost and an economical operation, which it complies with environmental protection regulations, and with its environmentally friendly operation, it is part of sustainable development.

Received support: the study is recommended for further development
Application identifier: Horizon 2020 Version 1.2 SME instrument Phase 1

Our first application submitted for the R&D program above member states is in the framework of H2020. The goal of the applicant Kompozitor Kft. is to develop a new air duct system (material, production and installation technology) was developed, which is primarily suitable for building, renewing and modernizing the ventilation ducts of existing buildings, but new buildings and it can also be used economically for the construction of air ducts in halls. The development is based on a heat-resistant composite material that complies with fire protection technology, which successfully solves similar problems in the subsequent lining of chimneys. The development of the project meant several things of interest to us: we used English language to develop this study, which was positively received by the international program. Thanks to this, we were able to apply for several domestically funded tenders to win for our client.

Grant received: HUF 65,740,000
Application ID: GOP-2.1.1-12/B-2013-1362

The special feature of the application is that the project was rejected by the participating organization in the evaluation phase, citing several reasons. However, Daneeka did not let it, and we submitted an objection, where we refuted the condemning assessment findings point by point, referring to legal provisions. The managing authority agreed to our findings (there are some!) and finally the application received support.

Kiss és Társa Kft. optimized its internal processes with the help of the complex investment. For this, it was necessary to build a new hall with a sales area, a warehouse and a service center with a room. A gate, fence and parking lot were also built around the hall. Several small machines, dry ice cleaners and scissor lifts were purchased, supplemented by logistics consulting.

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