From Hungary's accession to the EU to the present day

The presented details is of course not comprehensive, we tried to present an interesting project for each year.

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Grant received: HUF 24,828,638
Application ID: GOP-1.3.1-11/C-2012-0850

The interesting thing about the tender is that it supported the development of technology where equipment procurement could be part of the innovative development of the applicant company. During the writing of the tender our task was the presentation of this innovation in relation to the equipment to be procured, which we successfully solved. Also for reference we singled out this project of ours because it proves that innovative development can be achieved not only by companies with a turnover of several billions, but also by smaller companies and even sole proprietors can finish successfully. Within the scope of the tender, two innovative machines were purchased. One machine, with the monitoring of another, is a Brainturbo machine, which is the brain waves helps the employees to learn, the other purchased machine, the Tru Laser machining center, helps the company in the production of parts.

Grant received: HUF 36,295,250
Application identifier: KDOP-1.1.1/C-11-2011-0096

The first green field tender investment where Daneeka participated in the realization of the project as a facilitator! After receiving the grant, our task was to compete the contractors, conclude a contract with the selected contractor, supervise the complex construction, the various licensing procedures execution (occupancy permit, Főkétüsz chimney permit, etc.). Thanks to his support, Alumechanik Kft. was able to build its own modern hall, it was able to purchase a modern grinding machine, in addition to this, the paving and tree planting around the hall was also completed. With the help of the investment, Alumechanik Kft. is bigger since then, he has been able to carry out high-volume work.

Grant received: HUF 41,355,000
Application identifier: ÉAOP-1.1.1/D-10-2010-0059

Site development example for brownfield investment. Volánpack Zrt. renovated a previously purchased site in the Northern Great Plains region. The warehouse transformed it into a production plant, so thanks to this they were able to include a new production unit in production. The old roof was replaced and made suitable for installation, the doors and windows, the electrical network, the mechanical engineering was renovated, the social rooms and sewage drainage were built, as well as biomass-based heating equipment installed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the investment, the company was able to keep 123 jobs in the region. For this tender project we also made great use of our experience in construction projects.

Grant received: HUF 42,393,805
Application identifier: DDOP-1.1.1/D-2009-0066

In this year, special site development tenders were launched, which could be awarded within the framework of the operational program of the given region, and the supervision was carried out by the exercised by the state treasury over the application. Tomolik Euro-Trans Kft. built a completely new steel industrial hall in the framework of the tender won with our help. In addition to purchasing tools. As a green field investment, our application writing work was supplemented here with help in project management and licensing procedures cooperation, signing a contract with the technical inspector, etc. Even the local press came out for the dedication of the new hall!

Grant received: HUF 192,522,000
Application identifier: KMOP-4.6.1/B_2-2008-0077

The tender included the reconstruction of an outdated one-story kindergarten building and other purchases. The interesting thing about the application is that Daneeka is not only application writers, but also provided project management activities. We took part in conducting public procurement, drawing up supplier contracts, and construction under his supervision. It was particularly difficult that the settlement of the construction was based on codes from the Building Standards Collection (ÉNGY), at this time the Váti Nonprofit Kft., as a contributing organization, scrutinized the reverse VAT accounting in the construction industry and, of course, the conducted public procurement. The investment was successfully realized, the rebuilt kindergarten has been operating ever since - to the great joy of the children and parents of Kosd.

Awarded support: HUF 50,000,000
Application ID: KMOP-1.2.1-/B-2007-0098

The tender was interesting from several points of view: We won two tenders for the applicant Ár-La Kft. this year, one for its site in Pest county, and one for to its location in Northern Hungary. We had to include some of the equipment to be purchased here and some there. Most of the machines were road construction machines, but they weren't all were classified as mobile devices, and the tender included construction activities. It was a long job to settle the application with the participating organization, but in the end, they accepted our position in everything, and the subsidy was paid in full.

grant received: HUF 9,769,584
Application identifier: GVOP-2.1.1-05/1.-2005-04-0882/1.0

Daneeka has always enjoyed working for construction companies. The application is a good example of the fact that it is possible and worthwhile to apply for smaller developments. The construction contractor in the early days for companies, the challenge was to get the participating organizations to accept that the equipment purchased was not at the designated site, they operate, being mobile devices, but at various construction sites. Over the years, with the expansion of calls for tenders, the managing authority is now separate defined a category for such devices.

Grant received: HUF 17,154,523
Application identifier: GVOP-2.1.1-05/1.-2005-04-0252/1.0

Technology development tender, the interesting thing about which is that it was one of the first to include high-tech technology, which was still rare in Hungary at the time. Behán Kft. has thousands square meter production complex, the CNC-controlled plasma cutting machine resulted in a large improvement in efficiency, the productivity and the produced the dimensional accuracy of products has improved significantly.

Grant received: HUF 24,439,948
Application identifier: GVOP-2.1.1.-2004-04-0080/1.0

Classic combined technology development tender, which also included the purchase of several devices. The purchased machines (forklift, screw capping machine, laminating machine, conveyor belt, water softener and barrels), the operational safety of production improved significantly, and the plant became capable of greater capacity. From the point of view of our application writing work, the project interesting thing is that we had to get to know the operation of the entire plant in order to be able to effectively present the function and necessity of the new technological elements in the tender.

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