Assessment of business opportunities


  • Informal personal conversation about application opportunities
  • Personal plant visit, getting to know our client's technology, production process, and the nature of its services
  • Joint planning, fitting future development opportunities into the tender structure


  • By getting to know the client, our company will be able to make suggestions:
    • Which tenders should we apply for?
    • With what budget
  •  You will be able to write the given development grant application completely

Project compilation (project generation)


  • Application monitoring tailored to the company, with regard to Hungarian and European (Horizon 2020, etc.) sources.
  • Selecting the right application and presenting it to our clients, which one is able to start and meets their development needs
  • Compilation of the customer's development needs in the given tender structure
  • Proposing the tender budget
  • Risk analysis
    • Examination of the highest possible score
    • Examination of the undertakings related to scoring
    • Finalizing the optimal application score and the associated commitments
    • Disclosure of commitments unrelated to scoring
  • Exploration of other investment aspects and environment: permits related to development, legal regulations
  • Possible modification, finalization of the budget, schedule of the investment


  • The tender budget and investment schedule will be prepared

Application writing


  • Writing the application text, including:
    • Presentation of the place of implementation in a specified number of characters
    • Presentation of tender development in accordance with the tender form
    • Presentation of the applicant company in a specified number of characters
  • Filling out the application EPTK (Electronic Applicant Information and Communication System) interface, entering budget elements, entering the application texts
  • Generation of signature sheet
  • Closing the application by attaching the signed signature sheet and submitting it electronically
  • After submission, answering and submitting the filling in gaps and clarifying questions requested by the applicant on the EPTK interface


  • the completed, complete and error-free application is submitted on the electronic EPTK interface by the deadline and receives an appropriate rating from the application issuer from the point of view of eligibility assessment

Project management


  • Continuous informational support for the implementation of the winning tender and the full withdrawal of the grant amount, including:
  • Project coordination
  •  Providing mandatory publicity elements, press releases, etc.
  • Writing and submitting requests for possible modifications on the EPTK interface
  • Advance request
  • Preparation and submission of partial and final accounts on the EPTK interface
  • Preparation and submission of legal background materials in case of suspicion of possible irregularities or investigation
  • Preparation and submission of Project Progress Reports during the implementation period
  • Preparation and submission of Project Maintenance Reports during the maintenance period
  • Project closure


  • If possible, withdrawing the received grant in its entirety as a non-refundable grant


Engineering consulting and planning, including:

  • Real estate development consulting
  • Energy consulting
  • Creation of digital sketches in Archicad for real estate, energy, and industrial installation tenders in M ​​1:100 scale
  • Preparation of location drawings
  • Preparation of technical descriptions

Research and Development (R+D) project support, including:

  • Monitoring and recommending EU and non-EU R&D tenders to our customers
  • R&D analysis, classification of the development presented by the customer
  • Compilation of R&D programs from basic research to experimental development
  • Compilation of R&D budget
  • Compilation of R&D documentation and related advice

Construction-implemention, including:

  • Planning expertise
  • Budget control
  •  Tendering to the company, i.e. competing the possible contractors, selecting the best offer
  • Public procurement tender support, public procurement consultancy
  • Conducting a public procurement procedure
  • Technical inspection
  • Ensuring a legal environment
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Obtaining an occupancy permit

Writing a business plan, including:

  • Compilation of a development budget
  • Investment scheduling, strip schedule preparation
  • Cash Flow preparation and analysis
  • Financial advice
  • Risk analysis

Market research, including:

  • Product analysis
  • Target market analysis
  • Quantitative research
  • Development of monitoring
  • International partner search

Our company deals with the full implementation of developments realized from European Union funds, primarily for business companies. Our activities range from investment planning through the writing of tenders and fundraising to the completion of the administrative tasks of the maintenance period. We also have experience in managing investments, so we can help our clients in this area as well, if needed.

Since Hungary's accession to the European Union, our company and its professional legal predecessor have been helping domestic businesses to obtain domestic and international subsidies. With our help, our partners have access to several billion forints of funding every year. We mainly operate in the field of innovative industrial investments with high added value, research and development, and energy investments, where professional knowledge, finding and developing unique solutions are essential. build.

If you would like to have up-to-date information regarding domestic and international support opportunities, use our preliminary free consultation, where we will discuss our ideas!